The Patrick Madrid Show: May 18, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Edwin – Why didn’t you mention yesterday that God the Father is the Father of Jesus after you mentioned that Mary is the mother of Jesus?
  • Andrew – What happens to people that have never been baptized (are they more likely to be sinners?)
  • Jason – Why do Catholic pray to Mary?
  • Passenger who had to be handcuffed during a Seattle flight now faces a $52,500 fine
  • Airline penalties over the last year have gone way up
  • Court Permanently Stops Gavin Newsom From Locking Down Churches
  • Robert – when SCOTUS allowed abortion, did any churches stand up at that time
  • Mary – What is the didache?
  • Arlene – In Mark 2:26–what was holy bread that David ate?
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