Father Simon Says June 30th-Ishmael & Isaac, Demons into swine

  1. Gen 21: Abraham and Sarah discuss Ishmael and Isaac
    1. Jesus drives demons into the swine–who already belong to the devil. The townspeople were afraid b/c Jesus could drive out the demons.
  1. Letters
    1. To a football coach with an issue with the ref: In a discussion, try to disarm an adversary; it’s better to argue that way, not with rage. Fr Simon references Abe Lincoln’s rehortic during trial responding to a letter.
    2. He got a letter congratulating him on his retirement.
    3. the delta covid strain has stopped things in Tawian–is it ok to watch mass on Google meet?
    4. Are we allowed to question our bishops? Father gives his advice.
  2. Word of the day–[choíros] swine. One of the problems with translation in english is that we have so many words to use.
  3. callers
    1. seamless garmet questions
    2. question about atonement vs sacrifice