The Patrick Madrid Show: June 01, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Man wrongfully convicted of murder released 32 years later
  • Official at Kenyan Atheist Society Resigns After Finding Jesus
  • Police officer lifts car to save the life of a trapped woman
  • Peter – I bought my daughter a car on the condition that she goes to Mass at college. She did not hold her end of the bargain. What should I do?
  • Ted – Regarding the news story from Thursday about Kroger closing stores because of overreach. I was directly affected by that and the workers were placed at other stores.
  • Mary – There were ‘so-called’ visions of Mary, from 1968-71, that are not approved yet. Why? Our Lady of Zeitoun appears to be approved by the Coptic Orthodox Church. Related, what is the difference between the Catholic and Coptic Church?
  • LA couple giving back to parents by putting cash in baby products
  • Unruly behavior from plane passengers has never been this bad
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