The Patrick Madrid Show: June 08, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Biden is now referring to “birthing people” instead of women in his budget proposal.
  • John – No one is buried in Grant’s tomb. It’s empty.
  • Kelly –what to say to Mormon family member she doesn’t know well
  • Luke 8-years-old – Who got the 10 commandments from God?
  • Karen – Daughter’s catholic school is doing pride month – what can she do?
  • Nick – Ok to work for a company that donates to PP?
  • Matt – found out that Mormons believe God became God – is this true?
  • Jackie – is a teacher in a public school – parents should be the primary educators, not teachers
  • Nino – has the Catholic Church taken a stance on evolution?
  • Pamela – how should parents talk to kids about transgenderism? Her kids have people in their lives who are trans.
  • Laura – what to say to non-Catholics who say martyrs are similar to Islamic terrorists?
  • Tony – bringing up a scholar on evolution/creationism that says 7 days of creation could have actually happened, in terms of light years
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