The Patrick Madrid Show: June 29, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Mike – I am protestant but am thinking about becoming Catholic. Can I become Catholic and still question certain things in the Church?
  • John – Do you know why Amy Coney Barrett did not take the case on transgender bathrooms?
  • Jenny – How can I talk to my 13 year-old about same-sex attraction?
  • How our daily lives are tracked by phones, laptops & even DOORBELLS – do you know how your data is being collected?
  • Kelly – I went to an infant Baptism and spoke with someone who didn’t believe in infant Baptism because God turns a blind eye to every sin committed before they know right from wrong.
  • Steve – If there are thousands of angels at each Mass and there are 400 Masses at one time, how does that work?
  • Kelly – What advise can you give me regarding a family reunion and family members who have values that are drastically different than ours?