The Patrick Madrid Show: July 07, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Robert – I was listening to NPR and had just about enough of the CRT bologna. Now I tuned into you and it is so much better to hear your perspective.
  • George – Where are you getting your information? Any time I look up the definition of racism online, it gives me a different definition than you do on the air.
  • David – You were talking about hell last week and I have a comment on my perspective on hell.
  • Lisa – I am a teacher and do not want to go along with all of the CRT. What resources can help me?
  • Jose – If everyone who is born into this world has a specific mission, then what is the mission of a young child who dies?
  • Leo – I wish people would consider God’s gift of Free Will
  • Ben – Comment on the food shortages and how American’s don’t see the food supply chain from animal to table