The Patrick Madrid Show: July 26, 2021 – Hour 2

  • 48 Christian Churches in Canada Have Been Burned Down or Vandalized as Persecution Continues
  • Greg – Regarding the vaccine: If it is free and prevents the costliness of hospital stays and everything else that goes with it, why the pushback? The vaccine is free!
  • CDC Is Considering Mask Mandates For Vaccinated Americans, Fauci Says
  • Pamela – My husband was very ill with lymphoma but was recommended not to have the vaccine. What about those who cannot take the vaccine and need to travel?
  • John – Regarding mortal sin, do we still have the 3 factors? Seems like it’s all been watered down.
  • Mary – If people have such trust in the Lord, why are we fearing so much?
  • Patrick discusses the dangers of living in fear
  • Yvette – Can items blessed by a priest be sold?
  • Thomas – Why is reception on the tongue more reverent than in the hand?
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