Mayra Rodriguez: From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life Advocate

The exposition of the evil behind Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics is finally taking place according to John Morales. The anti-life culture propagated by such entities used to be concealed by redirection towards discussions of “healthcare” and being “pro-woman.” It has been a long time in development, but thanks to organizations like Live Action, the stage has been set to overturn Roe v. Wade, the historic case that legalized abortion in the United States in 1973.

In light of the upcoming Dobbs case in December, John had former Planned Parenthood director Mayra Rodriguez on Morning Air to discuss the fight for life.

Mayra used to be the director of three Planned Parenthood clinics in Arizona and she once even received Planned Parenthood’s Employee of the Year Award. Years later, she came out on the other side, seeking and winning a whistleblower lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for $3 Million for wrongful termination.

Giving a brief summary of her almost seventeen-year career at Planned Parenthood, Mayra said, “As you know I worked for Planned Parenthood for over sixteen years, most of those years at non-abortion facilities. I was a devoted, loyal employee that really believed in their mission of helping women. You know I would argue with people on the street, that, ‘No, you’re lying, Planned Parenthood doesn’t do that! You know abortion is only 3%!’ I was one of those people that you hear doing that.” Then Mayra was promoted to the director of the largest abortion clinic in the state of Arizona, and her world was turned upside down.

She was witness to the falsification of patient charts, complications and failures that went unreported, blatantly illegal procedures, and the cover-up of medical statistics regarding abortion and its purported safety. Mayra said that she truly believed the work she was doing at Planned Parenthood was for the protection and safety of women up until that point. But when she saw the horrific endangerment and the illegal, immoral activities that her clinic carried out, she knew she had to speak up.

When she started exposing the clinic for its crimes, she put a target on her back. Now, she was a liability to Planned Parenthood. Now she was no longer a loyal, devoted employee. Now, she was no longer employee of the year. She ended up being framed for drug possession and wrongfully terminated which led her to take them to court in 2019. Thankfully, Mayra ended up winning that lawsuit and now she has dedicated her life and career to defending women and the unborn from what she calls a “fake mission.” Many abortion workers feel like they are helping advance healthcare for women but it’s all a sham. Planned Parenthood is not in the business of helping women live better. They are in the business of harvesting profits via the abortion of babies.

“Women are not being helped by abortion. They are being harmed by abortion. They’re killing their babies and they end up in a worse situation than they started at. They are traumatized, they’re emotionally damaged, and a lot of them are physically damaged, too, John,” said Mayra. Because abortion has proved so profitable for them, Planned Parenthood has made such outlandishly concerted efforts to conceal the truth about their safety, both emotional and physical. They say they don’t want women to go back to back-alley abortions, but Mayra contests that that’s essentially what they’re doing by selling abortions like a product.

Abortions not only inflict what can be lifelong traumatic and mental damage, but the physical harm often goes unnoticed for these mothers.

However, the tide is turning. People are waking up to the side effects, the harm, the trauma, and the evils of abortion. The industry that celebrates the death of unborn children is collapsing in on itself as the lawsuits begin to stack up and people begin to realize the shocking realities that have been hidden from them. Let us continue to pray the Rosary every night and stay the course so that Roe v. Wade may be overturned.

Queen of the Family, pray for us!

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