The Patrick Madrid Show: September 02, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Supreme Court Will Not Block Texas Pro-Life Law
  • Biden says Texas’ 6-week abortion law ‘blatantly violates’ Roe v. Wade, which he vows to ‘protect and defend’
  • Liberals Furious After Supreme Court Refuses To Block Texas Abortion Law In 5-4 Vote
  • Taliban Angry Helicopters Left In Kabul By U.S. Military Don’t Work
  • Pro-life Americans Are Like Suicide Bombers
  • Chad – Clearly the Memorare campaign is working with this great Texas victory for life
  • Bunny – Agrees about the Taliban
  • Nancy Pelosi Blocked GOP From Reading Names Of Slain U.S. Troops, Reps Say
  • Rosemary – Changing the pronunciation of a name the meaning can change in certain languages – do you think this is the case with Taliban?
  • George – Scare Tactic Video on FB about a girl and her mother and police arresting the mother for taking the girl to get abortion – have you heard of this?
  • Mary – Shawn Carney a really good prolife leader and speaker – He had some wonderful things to say about this Texas law
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