The Patrick Madrid Show: September 02, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Woman Smokes A Cigarette While On Spirit Airlines In Outrageous Viral Video
  • Fact check – Biden checked his watch 6 times
  • Joe – What is the law in Texas? I don’t know all the details. Can you explain?
  • Jennifer – Do you really believe that fact checkers are reliable?
  • Tony – Planned parenthood won’t go out of business in Texas because they claim that only 3 percent of their business is abortions
  • Live Action: Debunking Planned Parenthood audio
  • Jennifer – Works at a pregnancy center in Texas – new law and what she is seeing on the ground
  • Scott – How do you know that the gates of heaven were not open until Jesus died on cross? Where is that in Bible?
  • Hugh – Where can I find icons or images of saints to put in my children’s room?
  • Steve – Concerned that Texas bill may stop the abortion but are we doing enough to help these women who are choosing life?
  • Joe Rogan Says He Tested Positive for Covid-19, Used Ivermectin to Treat It
  • University Hosts ‘Welcome BBQ’ ‘Intended’ For ‘People Of Color’
  • Andrew – Where did Moses and Elijah come from if no one was in heaven?
  • Alicia – this new Texas law can give pro-lifers a bad look, encouraging snitching/ and could pro-abortion leaders turn this on us to have a bill snitching on people who don’t take vaccine?
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