The Patrick Madrid Show: September 03, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Why Are There More Blue-Eyed Alcoholics?
  • PepsiCo and Boston Beer Co. to create alcoholic Mountain Dew
  • The 350,000-gallon tank was drained and sanitized the after the woman was found swimming inside
  • Frank – I have 40 years of sobriety. I have never noticed a correlation between light colored eyes and alcoholism
  • Mark – Former Catholic but likes Patrick’s show because of the way he talks with people. He asks about Transubstantiation
  • Rich – I used to work for a water utility. Only recently did they start having security on these water tanks.
  • Lisa – A woman in California did the same thing in California on top of a hotel. She unfortunately drowned. They did not drain the tank and got into trouble because of disease in the water.
  • Patrick shared a couple of important blog posts by young people who were, or were considering, being trans, but were moved to reconsider their chooses because of Abigail Shrier’s book, Irreversible Damage.
  • Patrick recommends to help trans and those ready to detransition. He also shares the story of Walt Heyer, a transgender for 8 years, who struggled with thoughts of suicide but ultimately found Jesus Christ and is now trying to help others.