The Patrick Madrid Show: September 07, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Abortion Clinic Rushed to Complete 67 Abortions in 17 Hours Before Texas ‘Heartbeat’ Law Took Effect
  • Juan – Refuting the idea that most who are drafted end up in infantry….I was drafted during Vietnam and ended up in logistics/supplies.
  • Noelle – I need guidance on the draft. I tend to run away from things that are uncomfortable and need advice.
  • Bunny – My granddaughter says she will identify as a paraplegic to get out of being drafted.
  • WHO Says Dementia Population Set To Increase 40% By 2030
  • Polly – I am a nurse and served in the Navy and I would not object to women being drafted because there are many other roles to serve at other than combat.
  • Debbie – My friend’s mom was a non-practicing Lutheran. Can a priest bless her ashes and then bury them in the family garden?
  • Rich – Need advice in approaching my sister and her family who stopped practicing the faith because of the scandals.
  • Joe – A friend said that she used to be Catholic and she heard the story of other virgin births. This made her disbelieve in Jesus. How can I talk to her about this?
  • Tom – I am a Vietnam Veteran and I am favor of women being drafted but not serving in combat.
  • Patricia – My daughter has issues with infant Baptism and no longer considers herself a Catholic. What can I do?
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