The Patrick Madrid Show: September 07, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: Our duty to challenge Catholic politicians who support abortion rights
  • Sylvia – I would like to question your idea of warfare. There is such a thing as cyber warfare?
  • Joe – If I am properly disposed to receive the Eucharist, is it a sin if I don’t receive?
  • Smart Toilets Are Almost Here. Are you ready for camera’s in your toilet?
  • James – Q about Pope John Paul II and his veneration of an image called Our Lady of Charity in Cuba
  • Rhonda – What language will we speak when we get to heaven?
  • Isaac – My friend is cohabitating with his girlfriend. How should I approach him on this?
  • Dave – ‘The deep Church revealed’ by John McManus. Do you know about this book and what do you think?
  • Tom – I have a relative who just got married and are now divorcing because the wife is gay. She doesn’t want anything to do with Christianity. What resources do you recommend? Patrick recommends, “Courage to be Chase” by Fr. Benedict Groeschel