The Patrick Madrid Show: September 24, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Letter from Connor – Your ideas and listening to your show has influenced me and the rest of the world. I grew up in a family that generally believed in the ideas of Martin Luther and we believed that the Protestant Reformation was a good thing. I have converted to the Catholic Faith but was a Catholic in name only. A Mormon at work asked me a question that made me think more about what I believe. Listening to you has given me a whole new understanding and love for the Eucharist and my Catholic Faith.
  • Jenny – Chesterton Academy is a great group of schools that teaches the faith.
  • Katarina – My son is being accused of bullying a boy in school who thinks he is a girl. I need advice as how to proceed.
  • Costco warns customers over toilet paper shortage.
  • Patrick shares why Liquor Shortages Caused By The COVID-19 Pandemic Persist In Some States.
  • Rolando – I need a good resource to help pick a good Catholic college for my son.
  • Jim – I was 14 years sober and relapsed and am looking for encouragement to get back on the wagon.