Dr. John Cuddeback, Dads on Duty; Emily Albrecht, Teaching How to Debate Pro-Life; Bishop Mueggenborg, Sunday’s Gospel

  • Dr. John reacts to the impact a few dads had on teens in school and the importance of fathers in our homes and society today. He mentioned that once men have their heart in the right place and encourage each other, they can be a major influence in the lives of youth.  For more information or resources on how to become a better dad, visit https://life-craft.org/
  • Emily reflects on her journey to becoming a pro-life advocate and how to educate and encourage yourself and others to make a stronger stand for the unborn. She gives an example by dismantling the “My body, my choice” argument often used by pro-choice advocates.
  • Bishop Mueggenborg talks about how the scribe was receptive to Jesus’ message and to reflect on how we can be more open to what Jesus calls us to. He noted that to really love our neighbor we must first let god into every aspect of our live and conform it to God’s will, then loving an unlovable neighbor will be less of a challenge.
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