Father Simon Says – October 5, 2001 – Does God Change His Mind?

Jon 3:1-10

  • Did God actually change his mind?

Lk 10:38-42

  • Father has an alternate translation for today’s Gospel–“Mary has taken the good portion”

Mass Hysteria: Father talks about reading scripture at mass


  • Who are the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher?
  • Pastor’s homilies have embraced a universal oneness–but rarely mentions God

Word: He shall crush your heel


  • Who is the ‘he’ in ‘he repented of the evil from today’s first reading?
  • Did Jonah live during the time that Syria overtook the Northern Kingdom?
  • Can you recommend a good wedding gift for a couple I don’t know very well?
  • Is suicide mentioned anywhere in the Old or New Testament?