Fr. Francis Hoffman, Legacy of St. John Paul II; Jack Rigert, JPII’s Influence on Pro-Life Movement; Bishop Mueggenborg, Sunday’s Gospel Reflection

  • Fr. Rocky stops by to chat with John on how it felt to be ordained by a saint, the influence St. john Paul II had on the youth and those around him. He notes the speed at which he was canonized as a testament to his impact.
  • Jack reflects on the wisdom of JPII that in the absence of the fullness of truth in the culture, we, the human person, would continue to hunger for that truth and not be satisfied until we found it in Jesus.
  • Bishop Mueggenborg speaks on Bartimaeus lack of action, waiting for an act of God and the disciples excluding him since he was not part of the group. Bishop challenges us not to exclude but invite and use the gift of “sight” from the Lord to bring more to Him.
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