Martha Fernandez-Sardina, Love Abuse Part II; Kendra Von Esh, How to Get Excited About Evangelization

  • John and Glen discuss continual battle over legality of Texas Heartbeat bill and Red Sox vs Astros Game
  • Martha continues her discussion with John about the pitfalls of false love or love abuse. She notes how the meaning of tolerance has changed over time from accepting another persons ideas and living peacefully with them to cancelling them is they do not embrace your beliefs
  • Martha warns against using another person for self gain which can manifest through codependency, bulling, terrorizing or isolating and reminds listeners that God’s love is respectful and selfless
  • Kendra urges listeners to not be afraid of evangelization or think it is a job for religious, rather embrace it and share the story of how God has acted in your life with others whenever possible. Kendra reminds listeners that actions speak louder than words.
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