Mary Hallan Fiorito, Parental Notice Bill; Mayra Rodriguez, Abortion’s Exploitation of Women

  • John and Glen mention President Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis and the excitement building for Game 3 of World Series.
  • Mary breaks open the injustice of retracting parental notification in the state of Illinois when a minor is seeking abortion. She recounts testimonies that reflected how sex traffickers take advantage of this to hide their illegal and reprehensible activity and how more young girls will be harmed by this law in Illinois and neighboring states who can drive over the border to get around their own state’s protective laws.
  • Mayra briefly describes how she went from supporting and working for Planned Parenthood for over a decade to returning to her Catholic faith and becoming a pro-life warrior.
  • She depicts the state of things in Mexico when it comes to abortion and what the next steps should be.
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