The Patrick Madrid Show: October 05, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Zuckerberg lost 6 Billion dollars in net worth in just a few hours a day after a Facebook whistleblower reveals identity, and says company ‘chooses profits over safety’
  • Mary – Regarding the earlier call about the man and his daughter. He should hold fast and be disciplined and pray for her. I have been through this myself.
  • Tracy – My wife says that if I continue to go to Mass, she will leave me.
  • Elaine – I have been married and divorced three times and then married in the Catholic Church. It was a long road and very difficult but when I met my current husband, I started attending the Catholic Church with him.
  • Kip – In Hebrews, it says, ‘Christ died once and for all.’ Why do we have the sacrifice of Christ over and over at the Mass?
  • Peggy – What should I take into account when it comes to picking where to be buried?
  • Katie – I would love to become a Catholic but my husband is not in favor and the marriage has been abusive. What are your recommendations in terms of a possible separation?
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