The Patrick Madrid Show: October 06, 2021 – Hour 3

  • CDC Recommends ‘Virtual Thanksgiving,’ Reverses Course After Backlash, Claims ‘Mishap’
  • Matt Walsh Trolls Woke Loudoun County School Board
  • Elaine – My daughter’s Catholic school is sending her to a haunted house to earn possible service hours. Is this ok? My husband and I fall into different camps on this.
  • California man sues psychic who said she could remove witch’s curse from ex
  • Abelina – I suffered from abuse and struggled to feel God’s love. When I learned to forgive it helped me to heal and feel God’s love.
  • Remo – My wife is bugging me to go to a Greek Orthodox Church. Is this ok? Will it fulfill my Sunday obligation?
  • Mark – How specific is the mark of the beast? How do we know that our SSN is not the mark of the beast?
  • David – I am Catholic but my fiancé is not. Should we get married in her Church or my Church?
  • Jessica – During Mass some gang members with demons on their jackets came into Mass and were and received the Eucharist. What should we have done?
  • Jose – What is the role of the father in the whole abortion discussion?
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