Dr. Pat Castle, Life Runners; Marcel LeJeune, How Evangelization Leads to Sainthood

  • John and Glen update listeners on the news over the weekend and coming up today.
  • Dr. Castle explains how easy it is to evangelize through the Life Runners ministry. He mentions how seeing the dignity of human life in the tiniest cells of a child in the womb is similar to seeing Christ in the Eucharist and updates listeners on Life Runner’s latest escapades including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.
  • Marcel mentions the dynamic that to be holy you must evangelize and to evangelize you must be holy. He notes that when you are truly in love you can not help but share that love with others and it will change the way you act. Our love for God must be at that level. We need to do more than stop doing “bad things” but start doing “good things”.
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