Martha Fernandez-Sardina, God As Loving Father; Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, Truth About Spiritual Warfare

  • John and Glen go over news highlights including White House suggesting companies ignore courts and mandate their employees get COVID vaccine, stampede and injury of those at Travis Scott concert and the Steelers pulling out a last minute win against the Bears.
  • Martha notes how we profess God’s love for us in the creed and mentions several verses in scripture that emphasize how great God’s love for us really is. She reminds listeners that He is our “daddy” as Jesus reveals and that we can grow closer in relationship to Him with this in mind.
  • Monsignor speaks on his experiences performing exorcisms and the power that Satan has pales in comparison to Jesus and Mary.
  • Monsignor takes callers and shares a new Catholic Exorcism app that has prayers and resources for protecting yourself and your family spiritually from evil spirits.
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