The Patrick Madrid Show: November 19, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Sergeant Roy, Vietnam Marine – I am making Patrick and Cyrus honorary marines for their service to God and country
  • Deacon Lyle – I am stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. Thank you to Patrick and Relevant radio for your ministry to the military!
  • Nathan – How do I break it to my girlfriend that I am wanting to enter seminary.
  • Shar – I teach Religious Education to first graders and one of the girls said she could marry a girl. I said no she couldn’t and she insisted. Should I bring this up to her father?
  • George – Can you recommend a good book about the Templars and the freemasons?
  • Katie – My son is applying for scholarships. Is it ok to apply for a scholarship from the freemasons?
  • Rose – What level of concern should we have for kids between 5 and 11 being vaccinated in light of the deaths that have resulted from the vaccine.
  • Celi – I married a non-Catholic in the Catholic Church. Is this marriage valid?
  • Margaret – My adult daughter is interested in wearing the brown scapular but one of the requirements is chastity. What does this mean for her since she was recently married?
  • Judy – Why were even the children killed when the Israelites entered the promised land?
  • Theresa – Will my grandfather’s participation in the freemasons have an effect on his future generations?
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