Father Simon Says – December 7, 2021 – Civilization is in chaos because of Liturgical Abuse

Is 40:1-11

  • Fr. Simon describes this reading as very beautiful
  • Preparation for the coming of the Lord

Mt 18:12-14

  • Father talks about why there’s rejoicing after finding that singular lost sheep
  • You could always come back home to the Church

Mass Hysteria: The reason our civilization is in chaos is because of liturgical abuse and abandoning the idea of sacrifice


  • Father talks about a letter responding to a caller who’s husband had a porn addiction
  • Question about the Shroud of Turin
  • Question about Green Burials

Word of the Day: Comfort


  • Should I attend a wedding where someone is Jewish
  • Question about doing English mass Ad Orientem
  • Question about distributing communion during mass and disagreeing with my parish priest about this
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