The Patrick Madrid Show: December 20, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Female College Athlete Urges Penn Swimmers To Speak Out Against Transgender Competition
  • Kim – My daughter is coming back from college and she is claiming she is gay and in a relationship. Trying to process this. Can you help?
  • Fr. Ted – Regarding the mark of the beast: where are you getting the information? Where in scripture as it pertains to the past and the future?
  • Jenny – How do I answer my niece who quoted the bible to prove there is no Purgatory?
  • Tony – What are spirits and how are they made?
  • Barbara – Looking for a treatment center for a young man to recover from alcohol?
  • Tony – Transgenders competing in women’s sports
  • Patty – Just lost my brother and I have his ashes, but I’m not sure exactly what to do with them
  •  Ryan – Did the Catholic church change the Sabbath to Sunday?
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