Fr. Bob Pagliari, Making 2022 Count; Eileen Piper, Encountering Christ at SEEK22; Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, Sunday’s Gospel Reflection

  • Fr. Pagliari juxtaposes how we determine what “counts” or “doesn’t count” in society and asks listeners to think about what holds the greatest importance in our life and what can we change to maybe reset our priorities on what really counts in life.
  • Eileen talks about how the ministry of FOCUS has expanded outside college campus’ to parish outreach and the upcoming SEEK22 weekend February 4-6, which included speakers, local small group sessions and Mass. Eileen notes that we are not meant to journey alone and this is one way FOCUS is trying to reach out to bring the Catholic community together and help each other to grow.
  • Bishop Mueggenborg remarks on the Lord’s Baptism and the prayer life of Jesus throughout the Gospel of Luke and asks listeners to pay attention to what happens when we pray like Jesus in an authentic way.
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