Rebecca Dussault, Faith, Fitness & Food; Ashley Noronha, Latest from the Vatican; Andrea Piciotti-Bayer, Religious Freedom During Pandemic

  • Rebecca, Olympian and coach, talks about discipline and how important it is when it comes to living our faith, fitness and eating food. She encourages setting up a schedule to increase your chance of producing good fruit in these areas. She recommends eating more organic fruit and vegetables to keep your gut healthy and eliminate toxins that can build up from some foods.
  • Ashley reports on Pope Francis’ emphasis of the dignity of work in our lives and the example we have of this through St. Joseph. She mentions the many complications that Italy is having when it comes to backlash regarding tough COVID restrictions and mentions one Italian Bishop who banned non vaccinated from catechetical work. Finally she mentions the baptism of several babies in the Sistine Chapel and fun celebrations regarding accordion music in the street.
  • Andrea notes the long COVID journey the country has been on and the ups and downs of religious freedom during that time. John brings up the Supreme Court case for employers and Andrea explains that our government was set up with checks and balances to make sure religious freedom is a reality in Amercia
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