The Patrick Madrid Show: January 07, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Patrick continues the conversation about the high school girls team that ran up the score
  • Frank – We had a mercy rule at my school and because of that we ended up losing more games and it prohibited us from winning
  • Art – Couldn’t go to mass on Sunday and ended up watching it on tv. Does this fulfill my Sunday obligation?
  • John – Comment: reference to Jordan Peterson, study where even dominant animals will be playing with other animals and they will let the other animal win because if not, the other won’t want to play anymore.
  • Claire – I have been on the losing side many times as a young player. I never thought they were taunting me, I just thought we were not very good.
  • Francis – I’m a Parent of a Sacred Heart alum, and agrees with Patrick. The school they played had lost every game that season.
  • Theresa – Understands competition but understands that when you’re up by that much you stop full court pressing because by that point you realize that the other team is not up to your caliber.
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