The Patrick Madrid Show: January 3, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Ice Cube Says Chris Tucker Turned Down $10 to $12 Million for ‘Friday’ Sequel Due To Religious Beliefs.
  • Matt – How do I answer the Protestant question?
  • Michelle – Did Mary experience pain when giving birth to Christ?
  • Men across America are getting vasectomies ‘as an act of love.’
  • USA Swimming Official Quits In Protest Of Lia Thomas: ‘Everything Fair About Swimming Is Being Destroyed.’
  • Amy Schneider Wins the Most Consecutive ‘Jeopardy!’ Games of Any Female Contestant.
  • Fact Check – Image purporting to show New York Times opinion piece calling for teachers to ‘tolerate bullying towards unvaccinated children’ is digitally altered.
  • Can we get more parents like this? Parent has a fiery response to a school board over censorship?
  • Jeanne – What’s the difference between the Pope saying Joe Biden can receive Communion but a divorced person can’t?
  • Parker – Why do atheists believe what they believe?
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