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As stated in the document recently released by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, each generation of the world has its own unique issues and moral challenges to deal with. And because of this, each generation of the Church has a responsibility to respond to these challenges by listening to these struggles and then instructing her children. As Pope Paul VI wrote, “It’s an outstanding manifestation of charity towards souls to omit nothing from the saving doctrine of Christ.”

Recently on The Patrick Madrid Show, Patrick took a look at the document from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee titled, “Catechesis and Policy on Questions Concerning Gender Theory” and gave his thoughts on their response and stance regarding this topical issue.

Patrick read the document verbatim. Among the most notable of passages was, “Human life and love are always lived out in body and spirit, and thus, the body is a vital expression of our whole being.” The Church teaches that a human is composed of two parts: the body and the soul. And while we breathe, they are inseparable. We are “unified creatures.”

“Our biological sex, expressed by our body, is a gift from God and is unchangeable. A person’s biological sex is expressed in and through the body. It cannot be changed because it is bestowed by God as a gift and as a calling, and ‘the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.’” The sexes are different, but they are complimentary. While they do not define the quality of a person, they are integral to the role that God is calling us to play in life . We cannot simply modify the gift that God has bestowed upon us. Patrick agreed, saying that it is through our masculinity or femininity that we fulfill God’s plan and attain salvation, not despite it.

While gender and biological sex are distinguishable, they are also inseparable. Patrick said, “Now that statement right there is enough to get you canned on Twitter, enough to get you de-platformed, nowadays.” In the eyes of people who conform to this gender theory and ideology, that statement is heresy. Our culture is trying to indoctrinate the world with this belief system, and any statement contrary to their code will be silenced.

Those who experience inner conflict regarding their biological sex and the way they perceive themselves are not sinning by experiencing this conflict. That battle between emotion and physiology is not wrong but rather a reflection of society’s modification and distortion of the concepts of masculinity and femininity. The issue under the microscope is gender dysphoria and confusion, but the problem on a larger scale is the culture’s unrelenting attempts to pervert the roles and traits of the sexes.

With regards to those experiencing this inner conflict, “Such persons should be treated with respect and with charity, and ‘no one should suffer bullying, violence, insults, or unjust discrimination’ based on such experiences.” That goes without saying, but it should be clear that this stance on the ideology behind gender theory is not an attack on people experiencing gender incongruence. It is a clarification that we are called to resist this indoctrination with understanding, charity, and truth.

But what do all of these anthropological and philosophical arguments mean? What is the archdiocese getting at? What is their stance? Page three of the document states the policy of all Catholic institutions in the archdiocese of Milwaukee. Where sex or gender needs to be recognized in relation to dress code, athletics, extracurriculars, locker rooms, bathrooms, pronouns, single-sex establishments, and medication, the Church is required to guide students, parishioners, etc. to the appropriate designation according to their biological sex. In line with the teaching of Jesus Christ, for the sake of truth, and in the interest of safety, the Church does not recognize self-imposed designations that do not correspond with one’s biological sex.

“This is so basic and obvious and true. It’s so common sense. It’s so naturally, self-evidently true. And yet, there are people out there who are howling in indignation,” said Patrick. These teachings are not hateful. They are not dismissive or ignorant or bigoted. Just the opposite. They are an embrace of the charity, understanding, and love that Jesus taught us to maintain as we guide others to the truth.

Read the entire document from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee here: Catechesis and Policy on Questions Concerning Gender Theory

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