Father Simon Says – April 13, 2022 – The Gymnasium of the Soul

Mt 26:14-25

  • How could Judas abandon Jesus?


  • Daniel asks about a bruised reed
  • Ana Maria writes in about Jesus exposing Judas as betrayer
  • Listener asks about the vengeance of God

Word of the Day: You said so


  • What is the meaning of the word GOD when in all caps as opposed to just ‘God’ in the Bible. Also how about lower case ‘lord’
  • Could there be reversed transubstantiation?
  • How do we know that Jesus was in the cistern the whole night, when that’s not mentioned in the Bible
  • How do we deal with questions from Protestants?
  • Comment: What Judas did had to happen or there wouldn’t be salvation; is that wrong?
  • Prayer to St. Michael, and say ‘cast unto hell Satan’. wouldn’t be better to pray for Satan or is he a lost cause?
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