Jennifer Lawrense & Aboriton Ballot Measures – What you Need to Know

Women who say they would never have an abortion and love babies but other people can have one.  Jennifer Lawrence talks about miscarriages, her baby, and supporting abortion (4:43). All you need to know about the abortion Ballot Measures in CA, MI, MO, KS, and VT – two states are giving toddlers the ability to have sex changes and cross sex hormones (19:55).  

Is Madonna gay?  The 3rd wave feminist icon Madonna comes out via Tik Tok (41:22).  Simple ways to teach a baby and toddler the faith (45:51). 


Resources mentioned : 


No – CA Prop 1 


NO – MI Prop 3 


NO – Vermont Prop 5


Yes – Kentucky Amendment 2

Yes – Montana Legislative Referendum 131 

Michigan Is Hiding A Children’s Constitutional Right To Genital Amputation In Its Abortion Amendment


Podcast episode on Prop 1 CA and Prop 3 MI


Podcast episode nurse cares for baby born alive

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