Our Lady of Guadalupe: She Who Crushes the Stone Serpent

Our Lady of Guadalupe defeated a culture of death and human sacrifice in the 16th century…and she’s still at it in the 21st. Cale shares the beautiful testimony of a death-dealer who Our Lady convinced to fight for the Gospel of Life. Plus: Did John the Baptist really doubt Jesus’ identity? And, what’s up with the locusts and wild honey? We’ll serve up some soul food today!





Cale Clarke is the host of both The Cale Clarke Show and The Faith Explained on Relevant Radio. On The Faith Explained, Cale dives deep into Scriptures, the Catechism and Sacred Tradition to bring an in-depth look at what the Catholic Church Believes. On the Cale Clarke Show, Cale unpacks how a Catholic perspective affects the nitty-gritty of everyday life. He also looks at what's happening in the culture through a Catholic Lens.