Saint Genevieve, Catholic Colleges, & Parenting

Author Phillip Campbell joins Trending with Timmerie discussing the life of Saint Genevieve and his latest book Matron of Paris chronicling her life.  (2:20) Questions and resources for adoption. (20:45) Jordan Almanzar from Kolbe Academy shares about an upcoming Catholic College Fair.  (27:14)  Timmerie answers questions about food allergies during and after pregnancy, help for getting babies to sleep, and navigating two children,  (36:55)


Resources mentioned : 

Matron of Paris: The Story of St. Genevieve:

Wounds of Love: The Story of St. Padre Pio:


Cardinal Newman Society:


Taking Cara Babies for Sleeping Babies 


Psychologist Erika Komisar on Mom’s Being present to their children 

St. Gregory Recovery Center
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