Psychology of Mom’s Presence for a Child

Clinical social worker, psychoanalysis, and parent guidance expert Erica Komisar joins Trending with Timmerie discussing the psychological research that mom’s need to be present with their children in the home. (1:20) Erica discusses helping children adapt and the science on sleep training and when it’s appropriate. (20:32) How is the father’s role important?  What does a father offer that a mother does not?  What should fathers work on doing to engage their children in a way only they can? (37:37)


Resources mentioned :

Book: Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters


How to be present with your child – Episode with Erica Komisar 


Reducing anxiety for children – Erica Komisar 

Why Crying Out Method Harms Babies Video:


Mom and dad’s skin to skin contact revives dead baby: 

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