The Good the Bad and The Chosen – March 3, 2023


(1:45) Ez 18:21-28 

  • Father ties in how Americas are losing their Christian values similar to what Eziekiel is battling in the readings today with his words. 

(13:24) Mt 5:20-26 

  • Father Simon answers what it means that we need to be more righteous than the scribes and the pharisees? 


(22:28) Letter about the ancient text of scripture 

(29:15) Letter from Lucy – the covenant sacrifice of Cane and Abel 

(31:31) Letter from Raymond – practice of the priest during Mass 

Word of the Day: 

(35:20) “Kodrantes”   



  • Jeff – I think the end of Season 2, Hollywood embellished it, and get his take on it 
  • Steve – I was pretty scrumptiously when going to confession, now it’s getting harder for confession, b/c my memory is getting worse, like did I confess this already.  Could you help me? 
  • Alley – His opinion, on having women help the priest during adoration like w/the incense, vestments.  Is that appropriate? 
  • Cathy – Does it make any difference in the giving of the eucharist from the minister, if you worked carefully and are cognizant of your duties and would that be a difference? 
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