Pentecost and the Holy Spirit – May 26, 2023

Father Craig DeYoung joins the show to talk about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

  • (3:18) What is Pentecost and why is it important.
  • (9:57) Teresa – I don’t understand Pentecost. Why we celebrate Pentecost and what we are supposed to do to celebrate it?
  • (13:33) What role does the Holy Spirit play in our lives?
  • (23:45) Grace – About being touched by the Holy Spirit, while reading the book Walking with St. Raphael from 1954 by Fr. Lovasik. My heart was pierced by the Holy Spirit with this book. Started a prayer group 5 years ago.
  • (27:55) What is Mary’s role in Pentecost.
  • (35:38) Gerry – When he has an important meeting or conversation, he reflects on Mathew 10, and asks the Holy Spirit to speak through him.
  • (39:16) Gary – Testimony… Homeless person approached to him when he was sobbing in church and told him everything was going to be ok.  ‘I felt that was a miracle.’ He doesn’t doubt it was the Holy Spirit.
  • (43:50) Mike – He had an experience, after converting to the Catholic Church, I had a baptism of the Holy Spirit. Is this a part of confirmation?
Patrick Conley was born, raised, and baptized in Wisconsin in a Protestant tradition. After meeting his wife, Kendra, through an Evangelical ministry at the University of Minnesota, they entered the Catholic Church in 2010. They listened to Relevant Radio, specifically The Inner Life, while preparing to enter the Church. Conley now holds a degree in theology from Oxford University and has served the Church in both academic theology and grassroots pastoral ministry. Conley teaches religion classes in a Catholic elementary school, serves as his parish Director of Religious Education, and is in formation for the permanent diaconate. He also hosts Practicing Catholic on Relevant Radio, exclusive to the Minneapolis area’s airwaves, and is a traveling presenter for the Catherine of Siena Institute apostolate. He lives in rural Wisconsin with his wife and their bulldogs, Georgie and Bingley.