Did Jesus Have a Myers–Briggs Type? – July 20, 2023

Bible Study: (1:49)

Ex 3:13-20

  • Father discusses the name of God 

Mt 11:28-30

  • Father discusses how many people go to Sunday mass


  • (21:04) – How do we learn to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul? 
  • (26:08) – Did Jesus have a Meyers-Briggs type? 
  • (27:51) – How do I know I love God with My Whole Heart? 

Word of the Day: Smite (32:57)


  • (35:36) – How old was Mary when she had Jesus?
  • (38:14) – St. Jerome Translation Question
  • (41:29) – ‘Ask and you will receive’ quote; I have struggled with this and the divine will and asking for what I want.
  • (43:44) – Going to my granddaughter’s wedding and her brother is the officiant? What am I to do? I want to show her unconditional love?
  • (47:13) – Why has God has forsaken me, could you explain?
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