How Should I Pray? – August 7, 2023

Bible Study: (2:14)

Nm 11:4b-15

  • What is a good prayer for priests and religious? 
  • Why does God tempt Moses? 


  • (18:15) – How should I pray? 
  • (22:01) – Do we gain spiritual benefit from online videos of the Bl. Sacrament?
  • (24:42) – Should I watch this show? 
  • (29:29) – I’m new to the Catholic Church; I have some questions about my health issues

Word of the Day: Truth (33:22)


  • (38:38) – Where in the General Instruction of the Mass, where the priest says mass facing the people?
  • (41:58) – Is fear of hell, a good legitimate reason for being Christian?
  • (44:49) – Why wouldn’t I go tell the owner that there is a treasure in a field? 
  • (47:25) – Can your soul remember things from before you were born? 
  • (49:03) – Question about 2 Peter’s authorship
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