Joy in Being Single & Depression

Joy in being single – 4 steps things to grow and be happy.  (3:40) Sister Tina Alfieri, a hermit/therapist/addiction specialist joins Trending with Timmerie discussing depression. (16:22) She answers questions about: ADHD, non-binary boy, parents with anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and being single.  (31:19) John Paul II’s Theology of the Body on motherhood.  Why is motherhood for people who don’t have kids too? (50:21) 


Resources mentioned : 

ADHD & overmedication Dr. Sax


ADHD and young boys uner achieving Dr. Sax


ADHD episode:  Addressing task saturation


ADHD episode:  addressing distraction

 Parent’s Guide To Preventing Homosexuality 


Betrayal trauma – Bloom for Catholic Women

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