Feast the Lateran Basilica in Rome – November 9, 2023

Bible Study: Father discusses the historical context behind the feast of the Lateran Basilica (1:08)

Ez 47:1-2, 8-9, 12

  • What were the messianic expectations? 


  • (27:20) – Worshipping in spirit and in truth 
  • (32:57) – I liked Father’s All Saints stories 
  • (33:47) – Father shouldn’t apologize for going long
  • (34:30) – Why do Protestants believe in faith alone? 

Word of the Day: Desert (42:17)


  • (43:16) – Why is there sometimes two readings, like today?
  • (45:30) – Why they dropped the word ‘One’ in the Collect?
  • (46:58) -Jesus is referred to as a Palestinian Jew from textbooks, but He would refer to himself as an Israelite, what do you think?
  • (47:59) – I am wondering on what his thoughts are on healing ministries in the Church?
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