The Patrick Madrid Show: December 06, 2023 – Hour 3

Patrick has a compelling conversation with a man who grew up in Iraq and discusses the dangers of the Islam religion, talks about the concerning anti-Semitism in the university, and discusses the origins of the inhabitants of the Holy Land.

  • Sam – I was born in Iraq and I know how Muslims are. We should not be surprised that Muslims want to kill others because of what the

Break 1 (18:48)

  • Geraldine – University Presidents who couldn’t deny anti-Semitism was evil regardless of their motives.
  • Esmeralda – My mom has dementia and has hallucinations. She is seeing family members of hers who have passed away. I told her they might be in Purgatory and need her to pray for them. Is that okay for me to say, can you see people in purgatory?
  • Zulma – Who was first in Israel or Palatine in holy land? do you know.

Break 2 (35:52)

  • Anna – Can you be possessed by a good spirit?
  • Donna – if Gregorian masses for deceased have to be done in a certain time frame or whenever you remember to have them done to be effective?
  • Dawn – follow up- presidents have a hard job. we should consider all of the things they need to take into account when making decisions like this
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