Healing After the Loss of a Child (Special Podcast Highlight)

If you’ve ever lost a child, you know the unimaginable pain and heartbreak that’s hard to put into words.

Drew Mariani visits with Elizabeth Simutis, who shares her heart-wrenching journey of healing after the stillbirth of her son, Edward Thomas Simutis. 

Twenty years ago, Elizabeth and her husband faced every parent’s worst nightmare: the loss of their child, Edward, before he could take his first breath. Out of this profound sorrow emerged a mission of love—Ted’s Diaper Drive. Elizabeth’s initiative to collect diapers in memory of Edward and other babies lost too soon serves as a poignant reminder of the lives they were meant to live. This act of kindness has evolved into a movement, offering comfort to grieving families and encouraging open dialogue about loss, healing, and hope.

Elizabeth’s journey from despair to advocacy highlights the strength found in faith and the healing power of action. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the life and loss of unborn and stillborn children, advocating for a societal shift towards embracing and supporting families through their grief. Through her journey, including guidance from priests and the solace of the Eucharist, Elizabeth discovered the transformative power of giving back, turning her personal tragedy into a source of hope for others.

The conversation also touches on the broader context of loss, including the pain experienced by women who have undergone abortions, echoing the universal need for compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. If you’ve also encountered this grief, you’re encouraged to find your own path to healing, whether through creating, sharing, or simply being present to one another’s pain.

Elizabeth’s message is clear: love and life are gifts to be cherished, honored, and remembered, no matter how brief their presence. Ted’s Diaper Drive continues to be a testament to the enduring bond between a mother and her child, a symbol of hope that guides others through their darkest times towards a future where every life, no matter how small, is celebrated and mourned with dignity and love.

 It’s a call to all of us to embrace our losses, support one another, and find meaningful ways to honor the lives that have touched ours, however briefly.

👼 For those touched by loss, know you’re not alone. Your journey of grief is also one of love, a love that endures, transforms, and ultimately heals. 🕊️

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