A Former Protestant Pastor Comes Home to the Catholic Church (Special Podcast Highlight)

Imagine, after 15 years of leading a Protestant community, Brian has embraced the Catholic faith with open arms, describing it as feeling like he’s finally come home. 🏠


Welcome Home, Brian!

In his conversation with Patrick Madrid, Brian shares the deep spiritual reflections and practical concerns of converting to Catholicism. One of his pressing questions was about the validity of his marriage. He and his wife were married in a Protestant ceremony, and as he navigates his new faith, he’s concerned about how the Catholic Church views their union.


Marital Blessings and Assurance

Patrick quickly reassures Brian, affirming that his marriage is indeed recognized as valid and sacramental by the Catholic Church. This is great news and certainly lifts a weight off Brian’s shoulders!


Family and Faith Journey

Brian is also navigating this spiritual journey with his family. His wife is considering joining the Catholic Church, which adds another layer of shared spiritual growth and discovery to their relationship. It’s a beautiful example of how faith can grow within a family, drawing them closer together. Please pray for her on her journey!


A Bold Step Forward

Brian discusses his decision to reverse a previous sterilization—a courageous choice reflecting his new commitment to Catholic teachings on life and openness to God’s gifts, no matter his age.


Patrick’s Warm Encouragement

Patrick commends Brian for his sincerity and courage in following God’s call, even when it leads to unexpected paths. He assures Brian that his previous life choices, confessed and forgiven, don’t need to keep him from fully embracing the joys of marital life as he waits for his procedure. Patrick tells Brian that he’s welcome to abstain for the sake of reparation, but it’s certainly not a requirement. 


Brian’s journey is a powerful reminder of the grace and peace that come from walking with God, even through the most profound changes. 🕊️


Please pray for him and his family!

Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.