Can Humility Be Used to Fight the Devil? (Special Podcast Highlight)

Do you find it difficult to practice humility? Do you find yourself confused about what it really means to be humble?


John Morales dives deep with Fr. John Gordon into the spiritual arsenal we possess in our battle against the devil. 


Satan’s Achilles Heel: Humility!  Fr. Gordon stresses the profound power of humility as our ultimate weapon against the devil’s deceptions. Quoting scripture, he emphasizes that our perceived weaknesses, when surrendered to God, become our greatest strengths. Humility, rather than a display of weakness, emerges as a declaration of trust in Jesus. This transforms our vulnerabilities into a formidable force against evil.


Daily Prayers, Divine Protections:  He shares the daily practice of invoking St. Michael the Archangel, whose defense against wickedness isn’t based on might but on unity with God. This alignment with God dismantles the devil’s strategies, as he thrives on pride and rebellion—traits starkly opposed to the humility demonstrated by St. Michael and the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Mary’s Modesty: A Model of Might Father portrays the Virgin Mary as the epitome of humility. Her simple yet profound “yes” to God exemplifies the ultimate surrender to divine will, a model for us all. Through her life, Mary demonstrated that true humility involves knowing and trusting in God’s plans above all.


Unmasking the Enemy:  The devil, crippled by his inability to create, only distorts. Fr. Gordon says that recognizing truth empowers us to overcome the devil’s influence. Importantly, humility is recognized not as self-degradation but as an honest acknowledgment of our identity as beloved children of God. We don’t belittle our worth, but we recognize our worth in God. We don’t try to find acceptance in other people or what they say about us. 


The Nuclear Power of Humility:  Fr. Gordon boldly claims humility is like a nuclear weapon in spiritual combat. It directly counters the devil’s pride and is essential for overcoming the temptations that plague our fallen nature.


The Mother of All Battles:  Fr. Gordon draws us back to Our Lady, whose messages of prayer and penance continue to guide us toward peace. Mary’s humble acceptance of God’s will, despite not knowing the full picture of what was to come, can help you on your own spiritual journey towards heaven.


In a world riddled with spiritual skirmishes, Fr. John Gordon remind us that arming ourselves with humility and trusting in God not only defends us against the devil, but it aligns us with the powerful force of goodness and truth. Ask the Lord for the graces to be truly humble and let it revolutionize your spiritual battles! 

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