Is it Moral to Pursue Comfort? (Father Simon Says)

Do you sometimes feel guilty for having something that others are lacking?

Brandon from Mesa is feeling this way. He asks: Is it moral to pursue comfort in America when much of the world suffers in poverty? 🏡🌎

Fr. Richard Simon responds with a blend of humor, wisdom, and practical advice. Here’s the scoop:


Grace vs. Sin:

“Grace is what’s given; sin is what’s taken.” If you’re blessed with wealth, you have a great responsibility. Live simply and acknowledge that everything you have is from God.


Wealth is Illusory:

Wealth can vanish in an instant. “Your attitude towards your station in life is more important than the station itself.”


Practical Steps:

Pray and fast for those suffering.

Use your wealth responsibly by supporting legitimate charities. Investigate to ensure your donations truly help the poor.


Local vs. Global Poverty:

You don’t need to look far to find poverty. There are needy people within your own community.



If God has blessed you with wealth, use it wisely and generously. Live simply, support worthy causes, and remember that our comfort is a grace meant to be shared, not hoarded. ✝️💙



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