Medical Data on Birth Control & Chemical Abortion

The latest medical data on birth control – ingredient progestin causes cancer. Pam Stenzel, the Client Services Director for 5 pregnancy resource centers, joins Trending with Timmerie. (6:05) What’s the most common type of abortion?  How are women harmed by chemical abortion? (6:48) Dating trends and women falling in love with AI boyfriends. One woman’s engagement ended because of her AI affair. 


Resources mentioned: 

Birth control over the counter

Contraception studies: 
2023 UK Study: Fitzpatrick D, Pirie K, Reeves G, Green J, Beral V (2023) Combined and progestagen-only hormonal contraceptives and breast cancer risk: A UK nested case–control study and meta-analysis. 

Study Linking Birth Control to Depression and anxiety 
research, published in JAMA Psychiatry: 

Video explaining 1st trimester chemical abortion:

SCOTUS Abortion case explained:

Pam Stenzel’s Website: 

Florida Community Pregnancy Clinics:

Support After Abortion Website: 


More birth control research:

2015 study Hormonal contraceptive use and risk of glioma,term%20users%20of%20hormonal%20contraceptives 
2016 study The Influence of Hormonal Factors on the Risk of Developing Cervical Cancer and Pre-Cancer:
Study 10% of women who conceive in Opill/ progesterone only pill have Ectopic Pregnancies:
Opill product label warnings: 
Layla Khlan had a blood clot in her brain from birth control and died:
Birth control makes women sad JAMA study:
Tik Tok Stories about coming off the pill:
Hair loss:
Birth control makes women sad JAMA study:
Hailey Bieber had a stroke from birth control:

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