🧠 “Is Your Kid’s Brain Addicted to Screens?” 🧠 (Morning Air)

Are you worried about how much time your child is spending on their smartphone? You may not know what to do as a parent, but don’t worry.

Dr. Tim Millea joins John Morales to give some helpful guidance.

Key Points:

Signs of Internet Addiction 📱:

Avoiding eye contact

Jumping at every phone ding

Difficulty handling silence or idleness

Study Insights 🧪:

A new meta-analysis published in the PLOC Mental Health Journal examines how internet addiction affects teen brains.

Functional MRI studies show delayed and distorted brain development, particularly in the prefrontal cortex—the brain’s center for decision-making, impulse control, and planning.

Red Flags for Parents 🚩:

Persistent preoccupation with screens.

Withdrawal symptoms like agitation when deprived of devices.

Sacrificing personal relationships for online activities.

Parallels with Substance Addiction:

Internet addiction shows similarities to drug and alcohol addiction, affecting the brain in comparable ways.

Challenges of Modern Parenting:

The inescapable presence of technology in our lives.

The rise of loneliness and social isolation due to excessive screen time.

Positive Role Models 🌟:

Blessed Carlo Acutis, a tech-savvy teen who balanced his online activities and used technology for good, like promoting the Eucharist.

Post-Pandemic Concerns 😷:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated internet addiction, with more teens spending increased time online due to remote schooling and social distancing.

🛠️ Tips for Parents 🛠️:

Open Communication: Talk openly with your kids about setting limits on screen time.

Healthy Alternatives: Encourage activities that don’t involve screens, like sports or hobbies.

Moderation and Temperance: Teach the virtue of temperance to help teens understand the importance of moderation.

Device-Free Zones: Establish areas and times where devices are off-limits, like during meals or in bedrooms.

Use of Filters: Implement internet filters to manage content and usage.

Dr. Millea emphasizes that communication and moderation are key. We must help our kids become the individuals God intended them to be, by guiding them to use technology as a tool, not a toy. 🛠️✨

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