Why Did the Sabbath Change from Saturday to Sunday? (The Patrick Madrid Show)

On a recent episode of The Patrick Madrid Show, Patrick chats with Aldrina from California. Aldrina’s curious about why Catholics switched the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

🎙️ Patrick’s Breakdown 🎙️

Patrick starts off by saying, “Yep, the Catholic Church did change the Sabbath day from Saturday to Sunday.” But here’s why it’s not a bad thing:

Jesus Gave the Church Authority: Jesus told his apostles they had the power to make decisions for the Church. In Matthew 16:18-19, He tells Peter, “You are rock, and on this rock, I will build my Church.” He also says whatever they bind on earth will be bound in heaven. So, the Church has this special authority.

Examples from the Early Church:

          Circumcision to Baptism: In Genesis 17, circumcision is commanded as an everlasting sign. But the apostles, inspired by the Holy Spirit, transitioned this to baptism—a new way of entering God’s covenant.

           Dietary Laws: Old Testament rules said no pork or shellfish were allowed to be eaten. But in Acts 10 and 15, St. Peter gets a revelation that these food laws don’t apply anymore. The Church decided it was acceptable to eat these foods now.

           The Big Reason – The Resurrection: The main reason for the change is because Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday. The resurrection is the most important event in Christianity, so it makes sense to celebrate it on Sunday.

Quick Recap

  • Church Authority: Given by Jesus to make key decisions.
  • Historical Changes: Like circumcision to baptism and food laws.
  • Resurrection Celebration: Sunday is all about Jesus rising from the dead.

🔍 For more details, visit Catholic Answers and search “Sabbath Sunday” for articles and biblical tracts.


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